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Love ID Bracelet-Waxing Poetic

Love ID Bracelet-Waxing Poetic

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All you need is LOVE. The Beatles immortalized the answer to everything more than half of a century ago–– LOVE–– and its message is more urgent today than ever. So yes, if there were a word to believe in, to give and to live more fully, this is it.

LOVE. We want to identify as love on the daily, and this ID-style bracelet is a winsome, witty and wonderful way to do so. Set about your days charged with the power of this one-word solution and remember: There’s nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time. It’s easy. In the largest sense, it really is easy, and all you need. All we need. LOVE.

Ceramic Coated Brass & Sterling Silver

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