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Rose of the Winds Compass Pendant

Rose of the Winds Compass Pendant

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The pointed degrees of a vivid sterling silver eight-pointed star emerge from the hazy atmosphere of iridescent pearl, contained by a circular brass bezel effervescent with crystals. The Rose of the Winds Compass Pendant, in all its beauty and design, nudges us to tune into the winds. When the way is obscured by clouds or fog, we must feel our way forward. So many of the quests we travel are not journeys of sight, but of intuition, trust and faith. In these seas, it is crucial to stop and listen, to close our eyes and feel the presence of the wind at our backs. Only when we have aligned with where the wind is blowing, will we begin to move—more smooth and more swift.

Brass, Sterling Silver, Kristal Crystals & Mother-of-Pearl


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